Our Coaching Team

Danny Tate
Facility Director
PSA Rating: Master Rated in Free Skating, Moves in the Field, Group Classes, Senior Rated in Pairs & Certified in Dance
PSA Ranking: Level V
USFS Testing: Sr. Free Skate & Moves in the Field, Gold Dance, Jr Free Dance & Pairs
Competitive History: Regional & Sectional competitor in singles, Dance & Pairs
Coaching History: International Coach

$31 1/2 Hour 

Craig Henderson

Director of Skating

PSA Rating: Master Rated Program Director Registered Rating in Free Skating

PSA Ranking: Level IV

USFS Testing: Senior Figure & Free Skate

Competitive History: International Champion, U.S. National Silver Medalist, 2-Time National Figure Champion, U.S. International Team Member, 4-Time Olympic Festival Competitor

Professional History: National & Junior National Coach

$36 1/2 Hour 

Michelle Badgley Cox

PSA Rating: Registered in Group, Moves in the Field and Synchronized Skating

USFS Testing: Junior Moves in the Field and Juvenile Free Skate

Competition History: Synchronized Skating Canadian National Silver Medalist

$27.50 1/2 Hour 

Phillip Bagnall

PSA Rating: Certified Group, Registered Dance 
USFS Testing: Novice Field Moves, Juvenile Freestyle, Intermediate Pairs, Novice Dance
Professional History: Disney on Ice

Competition History: Theatre on Ice National Medalist
$27.50 1/2 Hour

Kim Harris

USFS Testing: Adult Gold Free Skate, Adult Gold Moves in the field, Bronze Dance

$22.00 1/2 Hour

Lisa Henderson

PSA Rating:
  Senior Rated Group 
USFS Testing: Sr. Free Skate, Intermediate Figure
Professional History: Principal Skater & Soloist Skater in Ice Shows in America, Europe and Japan

$30.00 1/2 Hour

Rachel Landers

PSA Rating: Registered in Group
ISI Testing: Freestyle 6, Pairs 3
USFS Testing: Sr. Moves in the Field, Intermediate Free Skate

$23.00 1/2 Hour

Emily Sanders

PSA Rating: Registered in Choreography & Group Class
USFS Testing: Sr. Moves in the Field, Sr. Free Skate, Pre-Silver Dance, Intermediate Free Dance, Intermediate Pairs Test
Competition History: Regional Competitor, Theater on Ice National & International Medalist/Competitor

$25.00 1/2 Hour

Anita Saxena

PSA Rating: Master Rated Group , Certified in Free Skate & Moves in the Field
USFS Testing: Sr. Moves in the Field, Pre-Gold Dances, Novice Free Skate & Free Dance
Competition History: Regional, Theater on Ice National, Adult National & National Solo Dance Series Competitor

$30.00 1/2 Hour

Mark Militano

USFS Testing: Senior Pairs, Junior Freestyle, 6th Figure, Silver Ice Dance
Professional History: World & Olympic Coach
Competition History: 1972 U.S. Olympic Team Member, 1973 U.S. National Pairs Champion, 5-Time U.S. World Team Member, 8-Time U.S. National Competitor

$39.00 1/2 hour

Jana Militano 

PSA Rating: Registered in Free Skate
USFS Testing: Senior Freestyle, Pre Silver Ice Dance
Professional History: National Coach
Competition History: 5-Time International Team USA Member, 2-Time Junior World Team Member, US National Junior Ladies Bronze Medalist, US Olympic Festival Pewter Medalist, Regional & Sectional Champion 

$39.00 1/2 hour

Kelsey Wilson

USFS Testing: Novice Moves in the Field, Juvenile Free Skate, Bronze Dance
Competition History: Synchronized Skating, Sectional & Theater on Ice National Competitor

$20.00 1/2 Hour

Junior Coaches

 Erica Scholl

Michael Slocum

Teacher Assistants

 Amy Herndon

Maddie Smith

Amy Yang