Freestyle Ice Procedure

  • Skating families can purchase a membership package and each family member who skates will receive a scannable card. Packages can be purchased on ActiveNet, via, or in the Pro Shop. Cards will be produced in the Pro Shop.
  • Skaters who skate when the Pro Shop is open will go into the Pro Shop to get their membership card scanned. 
  • Skaters who skate when the Pro Shop is closed will have their time taken off when the Pro Shop opens. 
  • We will still utilize the sign-in sheets that the coaches take out to freestyle ice, but we really need skaters and parents/guardians to take ownership of ensuring that the skaters are getting their names down on the freestyle sheets - our coaches do not know everyone's names and this is our backup to ensure that everyone is paying for the ice that they are using and not getting charged for more than they are using. 

If you still have any ice credit leftover from MaxGalaxy we need to know by April 22 in order to place that credit on your account. After April 22 we will not be able to access any of that data. Any credit that you have on your account from MaxGalaxy, refunds, working Bulls games, etc. can be utilized to purchase your freestyle ice packages. Freestyle ice packages are non-refundable. 
The packages will be the same price as the ice cards that we had at the Pelham Civic Complex & Ice Arena prior to ActiveNet. We are not raising our prices at the moment on Freestyle Ice. Here are the options (one unit is 30 minutes of freestyle ice):

  • 20 Units $120 ($6 per unit)
  • 40 Units $220 ($5.50 per unit)
  • 80 Units $400 ($5 per unit)
  • Walk-on Rate of $18 per hour. 

Skaters who purchase a package can skate for 30 minutes or more. Walk-on skaters must purchase at least an hour of ice and walk-on rates are sold only in hour increments. All skaters must create an ActiveNet Account to Skate and sign the Freestyle Ice Agreement. Parents/Guardians must review the agreement with their skaters.

Please visit the link below for freestyle times.