Private Lessons

Private Lessons

Looking to enhance your learning experience? Fill out one of our Private Lesson Request Forms located in the Pro Shop and take a private lesson with one of our valued instructors. These lessons are a great way to help your skater focus on and improve skills that might be giving them trouble or to achieve and enhance the skills they already know.

Our instructors are highly qualified in their field. Our facility is a member of the "Excellence on Ice" program with the Professional Skaters Association (PSA).

Download the Private Lesson Request Form (PDF).

Schedules & Rates

Instructors are independently contracted. Coaches set their own schedules and rates. Private lesson fees do not include ice time or skate rental. Coaches must be paid in a timely manner for skaters to continue utilizing BFSC Freestyle Ice.

Private lessons are taught on BFSC freestyle ice only. This ice time may be purchased at the Pelham Pro Shop.

A unit is a 30-minute freestyle session. Membership packages can be purchased in the Pelham Pro Shop.

  • $480 membership = 80 units
  • $300 membership = 40 units
  • $180 membership = 20 units
  • Walk on rate of $20 per hour ($10)

All BFSC Freestyle Ice users must abide by the BFSC Ice Usage and Etiquette Rules.

Additional Information


If you need to cancel a private lesson, please notify your coach at least 12 hours in advance. Your coach may charge for lessons that are not canceled 12 hours in advance.

Tips on Finding the Right Coach

There are many factors involved in selecting a coach. Things to consider are personality, learning and teaching styles, and experience. You know your child and have the best idea of who might make a good fit. Keep your child's personality and needs in mind when interviewing and selecting a coach.

Here are some helpful questions to consider:

  • Will the coach be a good role model and instill healthy character traits?
  • Will the coach treat my child politely and with enthusiasm?
  • Does the coach possess and demonstrate a good standard of ethics?
  • Does the coach understand and adhere to safety considerations at all times?
  • Is the coach a member of U.S. Figure Skating and the Professional Skaters Association (all of our private coaches are required to be members of both)?
  • Does the coach have PSA ratings or rankings and have they attended a recent PSA/USFS workshop or seminar, do they continue their education and training?
  • Does the coach have a specific plan to teach the appropriate technical skills?

Please find our current coach brochure (PDF).